The community has a small, traditional community hall located beside the hill road above Loch Ness. It is particularly well suited to small and intimate performances/events. The hall was built in 1920 and fully refurbished in 2000.
The hall has a well sprung floor and tongue-and-groove pitch pine lined walls; this really warms up the inside of the hall and provides great accoustics. There is a versatile sectional stage.
The kitchen has a cooker, sink, urn, kettle, heated soup tureens, pans, glassware and a range of kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery. There is a serving hatch into the main hall.
There is a variety of lighting provided for the hall and stage use, and PA speakers are provided on either side of the hall. Other sound equipment includes two microphones with stands, a CD player, and a Carlsboro amplifier. Wall heaters work on a coin meter.
Regular events held at the hall include Scottish Country Dancing, local library, Active Abriachan, table tennis, games nights and local community events.
Permanent disabled access ramp and toilet facilities are in place
The Hall, like all public spaces in Scotland, is a No-Smoking building. If you smoke outside, please do so away from the building so smoke does not blow indoors, and dispose of your cigarette butts carefully
There is free parking provided at the hall in Abriachan, but space is limited so please keep that in mind if you are planning an event
To book the hall, please contact Jo on 01463 861257 or Lynn on 861363.

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