TREE O'CLOCK 5th December 2009 - 47 people joined in the record breaking tree planting event. This led to 947 scots pine, downy birch, alder and willows being planted in an area of restock. Three cheers to every one who took part - the forest will look so much better and be so much healthier after your efforts.

PANTO WATCH (she of the giggles and blonde curls and he of the beard and bad temper)made a seasonal appearance in the hall as a prelude to the festive ceilidh.
There were many rigorous rehearsals,Jeremy Faxman was obnoxious and bossy, poor Gruffalo lost so much weight he is now feeling the cold, having shivered some of his purple prickles off, the reindeer had their enhanced CRBS checked, only one passed and even he was suspect,the shieling sheilas definitely headed south to join their antipodean wanes for the winter - they too have been perishing and refused to be fashion victims in pink sequins. However,the Burnett bairns in the wood stole the show looking non-plussed and totally unperturbed by the whole affair.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the entertainment from Fran and her thespians to Adam, Georgia, Granny and Grandad, Mike the mellow and the mulled winers.

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