The trails at Abriachan provide almost 30km of walking potential. Why not have try at go-faster Nordic walking - we have the poles and the trainers to ensure you choose a route suited to your level of fitness and your preference of panoramic picnic view.

Nordic walking uses specifically designed poles to engage the upper body during fitness walking. Nordic walking was first used as a summer training method for cross-country skiers. The chief attraction of Nordic walking is that it exercises the whole body. As walkers use their arms to push off from flexible poles, the whole range of upper body muscles is used, helping to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Nordic walking is especially good for those who have progressed from inactivity to moderate activity and are now looking for a more vigorous workout and for those suffering from joint problems. The Nordic walking poles act as two extra legs which take their share of the weight distribution resulting in less stress on the joints.

Nordic walking affords additional health benefits in that it exercises the whole body, allows a more physically intense walk and improves posture and stability.
Increases caloric expenditure- by up to 40%
Increases upper body strength
Less stress on joints
Relieves neck and shoulder pain
Improves neck and chest mobility
Increases safety of walking- stability afforded by poles reduces risk of falling
Allows same intensity of running without high impact
Lower perceived rate of exertion
Enhances mood
Fun and social
Poles are a very useful aid for warm-up and stretching exercises

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